High Pressure Cleaner 1400W 110 bar


With the FERM GRM1022 High Pressure washer you can remove the most stubborn dirt on cars, boats, bicycles or terraces without any problems. This powerful pressure machine has a power of 1400 Watt, a maximum workload of 110 bar and a water pressure of 6.5 Liter per hour.

This top quality high pressure cleaner comes with a 5 meter long cable and an automatic shutdown system. This special automatic shutdown feature ensures that the motor switches off whenever the high pressure cleaner is not active, which not only significantly extends its service life; it also reduces noise and saves on energy.

The FERM high pressure cleaner is a multipurpose tool and its spray strength can be adjusted per chosen activity. It is delivered as a standard with various spray lances.

SKU: GRM1022
Gross weight 6.6000
Max. pressure 110 bar
Power input 1400W
Length of hose 5 meter
Mains voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Includes 1 High pressure hose (5m) - 1 Turbo Lance - 1 Variable Pressure Lance - 1 Lance Extension - 1 Inlet connector (filter) - 1 Cleaning pin - 1 Female tap connector